Get the most out of Automation, De-Automate yourself.

TIAD is the first event dedicated to Automation in France.

TIAD, a Journey inside Automation.

TIAD offers the time, the tools & space to understand Automation and all the theory & practice around it. Thanks to inspiring speakers, live demos and interactive workshops, we give you the chance to LIVE the Automation your own way. Dedicated to IT professionals, TIAD is an inclusive event mixing developers & ops engineers, freelances & students, large companies & startups. And as we are convinced that we learn better in a creative & aesthetic environment, TIAD will be held this year at La Gaîté Lyrique, the place for cultures in the digital age, at the heart of Paris. So come & join us to define the IT of tomorrow!


Jessica deVita Microsoft Devops

Jessica deVita
Technical Evangelist

About Jessica deVita

Jessica DeVita is a Technical Evangelist at Chef. Previously on the Evangelism team at Microsoft, she championed the Windows IT Pro community to adopt DevOps practices and introduce them to the power of automation. Ms. DeVita serves on the advisory board of the Mitch Hill Center for Applied Business IT http://mchabit.org and is the founder of the consulting firm UberGeekGirl, serving music+entertainment firms in Los Angeles.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Randall Hunt
Software Engineer
@Amazon web service

About Randall Hunt

J. Randall Hunt is a Developer Advocate and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services in Los Angeles. Python is his favorite language but he can sometimes be found in the dark realm of C++. Randall is the author of gitshots, apodtwitter, isthe7running as well as a contributor to MongoDB, Homebrew, boto and many other open source tools and libraries. He used to launch rockets at NASA and SpaceX but found his programming passion at MongoDB. He is a total space nerd.

Colin Humphreys Cloud Tiad

Colin Humphreys
CTO for Cloud

About Colin Humphreys

As CTO for Cloud at Pivotal, Colin Humphreys is responsible for the company’s big picture strategy and roadmap for our cloud platform offerings. Colin joins Pivotal from its acquisition of CloudCredo, where Colin was co-founder and CEO. Colin led the installation of the first SLA-driven production Cloud Foundry deployment, delivers tooling to the Cloud Foundry community, and is a regular conference speaker on PaaS-related topics. He also organizes the London PaaS User Group, and is passionate about “Infrastructure as Code”, “Continuous Delivery”, “Devops”, and “Agile Testing”. Colin has spent the last 15 years sitting on the fence between development and operations, delivering solutions for eBay, Volkswagen, Paypal, Cineworld, and others.

Nicolas lesconnec IoT Tiad

Nicolas Lesconnec
Developper & Maker Evangelist

About Nicolas Lesconnec

Passionate about innovation & the new horizons opened by IoT, Nicolas joined SIGFOX early 2015. As a developer & maker evangelist, he tries to spread the knowledge about the SIGFOX technology, the opportunities it enables, and helps tech enthusiasts willing to get started with it. Before that, he worked during 4 years as Head of Development for a french startup/agency focused on connected solutions, transitioning from a 10-years experience in web & mobile development for the french website lequipe.fr

Laine Campbell Database tiad

Laine Campbell

About Laine Campbell

Specializes in database architecture and operations, particularly small to medium data at scale. She is currently authoring the Database Reliability Engineering book at O'Reilly with Charity Majors. Most recently, Laine was the interim CTO at OrderWithMe. Prior, she was founded and led PalominoDB, then Blackbird for 8 years, where her team of DBAs supported many of the most exciting database infrastructures in the industry. Before that, she designed, built and supported the Travelocity databases for 8 years while building and leading the global database services practice. Laine has supported such organizations as Obama for America, Zappos, Chegg, LiveJournal, Disney Mobile, and Adobe. She is an avid advocate for underserved populations in tech, an unabashed ops geek and a lover of open source.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Bret McGowen
Developer Advocate

About Bret McGowen

Bret is on the Google Cloud Platform team at Google, focusing on developer-oriented products like App Engine, Compute Engine, machine learning APIs, Firebase and more. He's currently an aspiring Node.js developer. Prior to Google, Bret worked in the cloud industry at Rackspace as a software engineer building the RackConnect hybrid hosting product. Before that, he led engineering teams at e-commerce, non-profit and tried his hand at creating two startups. He's often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field. Bret earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Simon Lallemand
Systems Engineer

About Simon Lallemand

Simon is a systems engineer at BlaBlaCar in the team in charge of the containers infrastructure. Simon is passionate about revolutionizing the way systems are managed to always go faster, be more reliable and scale.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Olivier Crouzet
Dean of Studies

About Olivier Crouzet

With a scientific background, Olivier Crouzet got a Master degree as an IT engineer. During scholarship, he acted both as a technical assistant and a teaching assistant. After 2 years as system administrator in the 3rd French Internet service provider, he joined Nicolas Sadirac to develop during the last ten years a well-known IT school witch became a French leader with 4000 students. He designed the pedagogical model, and made it evolve. Based on this educational success, a new IT school '42' is created in 2013, along with Nicolas Sadirac, Kwame Yamgnane and Florian Bucher, promoting an even more advanced training methodology, called Peer-Learning. Olivier Crouzet designed this model: 100%-project-based, without any teacher, lecture, nor knowledge transfer. Students debate, exchange ideas, try, fail, try again, to reach the goal, and finally evaluate their peers. Founded and funded by Xavier Niel, owner of one of the four french telecom company, '42' is totally free for the students. In this spirit of social opening, Olivier Crouzet, while still evolving the pedagogical model of the school, is also promoting evolution in the French education system through various conferences.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Régis Ravalec
Group Data Officer

About Régis Ravalec

Group Data Officer at Engie, Régis is responsible for adding value to the Data in every shape and form in order to lead the energy transition to access a more decentralized and carbon-free world. Data Analysis comes with this digitalization for every jobs at Engie worldwide. Previously CTO at Ecometering, he took the opportunity to build the IoT architecture that sustains the Smart metering processing chain in the energy efficiency domain for end-consumers market. However, IoT is nothing without the control of the communication layer that Régis has acquired within the 14 years spent at Bouygues Telecom.

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Florian Dambrine
DevOps Engineer

About Florian Dambrine

Florian is DevOps Engineer @ GumGum, a computer vision platform, dealing with a large set of technologies related to Big Data. As a DevOps, his responsibility is to maintain the health, the stability and the security of their growing production clusters. Florian has recently focused on developing and enforcing best practices in configuration management and applications deployment. Overall, he is evolving with cutting edges technologies in order to tackle challenges in a world which moves fast!

Simon Lallemand Engineer Blablacar Tiad

Marta Paciorkowska
DevOps Heroine

About Marta Paciorkowska

An activist/project manager turned programming enthusiast. Marta currently holds the position of DevOps Heroine at Acrolinx, where she’s responsible for developer support, redesigning build infrastructure and introducing DevOps ideas. She actively supports initiatives that make the tech community more inclusive. A very occasional Rails Girls coach. She ♥ Chef, alleycats, and pizza. Marta is interested in all things DevOps, live coding music, metaprogramming in Ruby, ethics and similarities between code and text (especially text as art).

Nicolas lesconnec IoT Tiad

Liz Rice
Co-founder of Microscaling Systems
@Microscaling Systems

About Liz Rice

Liz Rice, co-founder of Microscaling Systems, has a wealth of software development & management experience in technology sectors including VOD, music, VoIP and the charity sector. When not building startups and writing code, she loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London.


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TIAD'S Newsletter


DeAutomation & Robotics

Tiad cloud robotics automatisation automation

With the rise of robotics comes the question of a jobless future and the end of a certain know-how. To change this pessimistic state of mind, we will learn how to de-automate ourselves and master the technology thanks to automation.

Learn 2 Learn

Tiad cloud learn automatisation automation

As technologies evolve fast, our technical expertise is constantly called into question. In a world where the knowledge is accessible to everyone thanks to the web, the MOOCs and the digital (r)evolution, we need to learn how to develop new kind of knowledge and find the right balance between knowledge and expertise.


Tiad cloud experiment automatisation automation

As we memorize better when we experiment and finally pleasure is in making, we'll organize maker / DIY workshops and / or live coding sessions.

Machine Learning & IoT

Tiad cloud IA automatisation automation

Take the chance to understand what is behind machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT and get prepared for the future present!

Applications Cloudification

Tiad cloud application automatisation automation

Infra As Code, Blue-Green Deployment, API Management, Auto Scaling, all thanks to full-stack automation.


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